Gofobo RSVP Codes Explained

Gofobo RSVP Codes Explained

Private Screenings

Gofobo movie screening passes are typically only accessible with an RSVP Code. Gofobo RSVP codes are given out by radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, retail stores or online Web sites that have partnered with studio clients for a screening. Partners often give away RSVP Codes in the form of contests or giveaways for their members. There are two types of RSVP Codes. When you are given a code, it will appear in one of two formats (ABC1234 or ABC1234-123). Once you have an RSVP code, it can be entered at www.gofobo.com/rsvp.

In most cases the partners distribute their codes to their members only and many screenings are thus "private" and only open to members that have been contacted by the screening partners. In other cases our studio clients allow us to offer passes to our membership in two ways. The first is by an exclusive invitation sent to a member's e-mail address. These invitations are extended ONLY to the e-mail recipient and are NOT intended to be shared. These invites are typically sent with little advance notice and allow a limited number of our gofobo membership to attend. The invites will contain a link that will have an embedded code and when selected will take the user into the screening RSVP process to begin to download a pass. If a user is not a gofobo member, they will be asked to register to complete the RSVP process or provide their gofobo credentials to continue if they are not already logged into the site.

Open Screenings

The other way our members can obtain screening passes is to check back to the site periodically to see if our studio clients have allowed "community" or open passes to be posted for their screening. These passes do not require an RSVP code and members can obtain a pass by using the screening tab to search for screenings that have community passes posted in their zip code. Community passes are typically offered with little advance notice and are used to supplement our studio clients outreach to ensure a full theater. All gofobo passes are first come, first served and do not guarantee seating.


Ticket Drawings

Some screenings will have ticket drawings instead of first-come, first-served. For a ticket drawing you will enter your name, email address, and birth date to express interest in seeing that screening. You will then receive an email confirming your entry and letting you know when the drawing will take place. On that date you will either receive a notice that you've been randomly selected to receive tickets or that you were not selected for that promotion. If you are one of the lucky winners you will receive a unique RSVP code/link and proceed through the RSVP process as normal. If you are not a winner, then we invite you to enter future ticket drawings.


Screening Search Tab

Located on the top menu bar, the ”Screenings” tab when selected will allow users to search for screenings in their area. Clicking on the tab lists movies that have BOTH Private and Open screenings on gofobo. Please note: not every movie will have screenings in a user’s area. By rolling their mouse over the movie posters, a user can obtain some basic information about the film and by clicking on the poster they will be taken to the movie’s page for more extensive information and content.

In the upper left corner the “Find a Screening” block allows a user to search for screenings by zip code –radius and/or film title. A user may do a general search for all screenings in their area by entering only their zip code or may add additional criteria to the search by enlarging/reducing the preset radius or specifying a film title. The search results will list BOTH Private and Open screenings.

Private screenings require an RSVP code. These codes are distributed by a film’s promotional partners to their VIP clubs, membership or subscribers. Promotional partners will not be listed in the screenings to better ensure pass availability to their interest groups. Open screenings do not require codes and users may click on the screening listing to determine if passes are still available or will be made available at a later date. Also, if a studio representative determines that there is likely to be seating available at a previously marked private screening, they may, at their discretion, make seats available to the gofobo community. If so, the screening designation will change to open screening and these remaining passes will be made available without an RSVP code. It is therefore worthwhile to check back to the site often to check for these screening status changes.

Continue on through the download process and print your pass(es). Bring these with you to the screening and plan to arrive early as screenings are typically overbooked to ensure a full theater. All gofobo passes are first come, first served and do not guarantee seating.