Party With Degrassi: Chicago

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It was soo amazing! The only complaints were the fact that only people who came early got to meet the cast and be VIP. Considering I had school that day there was no chance I (and other teen fans) would be able to come early enough unless we were to ditch school or cut in line. Also the fact we had to wait in the cold but thats Chicago for ya. Anyway when we got inside it was beautiful. We were served candy, drinks, popcorn and it was all yummy. We also got t-shirts and photos. I got an amazing seat and the episode omg! it was perf I loved it! So much Imogen cuteness you have no idea<33 (but don't wanna give spoilers) anyway the Q&A was lovely and yeah...that's about it. I can't wait for part 2 of the episode! :)

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