Friends With Benefits

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Serving the same concept as No Strings Attached, the movie was very similar. It wasn't over the top. Both Kunis and Timberlake had good chemistry throughout the film. It related a lot to people and it drew lots of emotional reactions from the crowd, whether it being laughter or sad "AWWs." If you want to go into deep themes from the movie, it did have some. It showed how our adult lives are heavily influenced by our childhood and parents. It touches on the shortness of life and the importance of Carpe Diem, by lightly touching on the subject of Alzheimer's. The bottom line is that it was a very enjoyable movie that made you laugh throughout the film. It didn't have any awkward dry spots. The characters were 3dimensional. We got a back story on both characters and how they became who they were. Also it was the same director as Easy A, so for all you Easy A fans, there's a few Easter eggs in there. :)

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