Nothing better than nonstop laughter with 'Friends with Benefits'

kpatten's picture

From beginning to end, Timberlake (Dylan) and Kunis (Jamie) have an undeniable comfort and chemistry with each other. The quick wit dialogue amongst the two during several parts of the film made the acting seem effortless and made me wonder if any of it was improvised. The story is about two people whose lives have experienced rejection from the opposite sex that they decide that being "friends with benefits" with each other seems to suit them only a few days after Jamie presents Dylan with a job offer of a lifetime working for GQ. However, their lives aren't as simple as they say. I thought that the two characters pushing the other away because Dylan can't admit his feelings for Jamie was overdone. I saw a lot of my personality in Kunis's character, which made me be able to relate a lot to who she was playing in the movie. The writers do a great job in reminding viewers that the people we love should be someone we see as our best friends. Even thought this movie is somewhat similar to the plot "No Strings Attached," there is more substance to it and keeps you dialed in until the end. Even if you don't believe in being "friends with benefits" with someone, I would still go see this movie and be prepared to laugh a lot!

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