Kick Ass 2 - is not for me- rated "R" for good reason

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Kick-Ass 2

I don't get it but Kick ass 2 is DARK comedy that has some kind of cult following of people that LOVE IT. It is ultra violent and foul mouthed using both for there shock value. I'm not the target audience and I'm at least a generation removed from the people that find it funny! It is rated "R " for good reason. Language to make a sailor blush and very violent.

Let me remind you it is supposed to be a comedy filled with comic book type violence.

With that in mind I will say I did laugh a couple of times but only because it is so over the top I couldn't believe they would go there.

What I got out of Kick ass 2 is it is everyday citizens that fight crime in costume. At the core are the two from the first film two teenagers: Dave/Kick Ass played by Aaron Taylor- Johnson and Mindy/ Hit Girl played by Chloe Moretz. He's buff and she's as cute as a button. That adds to the shock value when you hear the words coming out of her mouth and the way they attack and kill.
They are the good vigilantes so it's all in good fun right!? In this day and age are there any good vigilantes??? Yes, I remember it's a comic book!

Then we have the Justice Forever group of wanna be good vigilantes all in crazy costumes. They are lead by a born again Christian, Colonel Stars and Strips ( Jim Carrey) and his dog Eisenhower that understands German. Carrey has fun with the role.

Last is the reborn Chris/ red mist from part 1. He is now a SUPERVILLAIN. A orphan that is super rich and anti social , dressed in a leather fetish costume. He now calls him self Motherfuc*# R. Yes, the humor never stops! He leads a band of misfits. Including a 6 foot tall, bleach blond, Russian, in a bathing suit called Mother Russia played by Olga Kurkulina.
Her single handed assault against 4 police cars and 8 police- just makes me wonder- IS this supposed to be FUNNY?!?! Oh yeah, they are the bad guys- now it's funny!!! NOT!!

There is some high school drama with the in crowd of cheerleader mean girls as Mindy tried to fit in and just be one of the girls and not Hit Girl- but it ends in vomit and diarrhea as the humor continues.

If you think this movie is for you then head out and see it. If you can't get enough stay until the end of the credits for one more scene. Oh, please I hope we don't have a KICK ASS 3.