Fresh Comedy From Hollywood

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This Means War

This screening was very pleasant to attend. The staff was very great in handling the last minute adjustment to the yelpers situation.

I found this movie a breath of fresh air from Hollywood. THANK YOU!!! I honestly went into this movie not knowing anything about it. The pace of the story line , the combination of comedy , action , and even love story makes for a great date night movie. your date wont get bored and your girlfriend will get her "chic flick" fix. Reese makes great for the leading lady delivering the emotion and comedy with ease. the on screen chemistry of the leading men Chris and Tom really makes for a great laugh. I hate paying for movies that end up being something could have waited for. but this movie will be WELL worth every dollar you spend to see it. ( yes even the $$ you spend on snacks) this movie has re installed my faith in the movie industry and its ability to put our great movies. I highly reccommend. and i tip my hat off to the writers timothy dowling & simon kinburg.

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