Alexandra Daddario & Trey Songz Get Dark and Dirty in 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'

Forty years after audiences were first introduced to the homicidal Sawyer family and the rusty town of Newt, Texas, the familiar and terrifying sound of the Sawyer chainsaw is back. Texas Chainsaw 3D is the horrifying latest chapter in the iconic franchise.

Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario) never quite understood why she felt so alienated from her family, until she received word that her previously unknown, biological grandmother had passed and named her the sole heir of her entire Texas estate. When she decides to take a road trip with her boyfriend (R&B hitmaker, Trey Songz) and friends (Tania Raymonde, Shaun Sipos and Keram Malicki-Sanchez) to rediscover her roots and claim her inheritance, Heather is shocked to discover the family secret that has been hiding at the property, waiting for her arrival.

“In real life, I try to stay as calm as possible. The interesting thing about doing (horror films) is that you have to put yourself in these positions you would never be in to get yourself to an emotional place that is so beyond your understanding,” explains Daddario. “For an actress that is an interesting thing to do”. As Heather attempts to make sense of her family’s violent and infamous past, she’s faced with uncertainty at every reveal. “It's an interesting mystery of who’s good and who’s evil. I get to play this tough and strong character, but the twist of what's happening starts to justify her darkness and she gets to embrace it”.

For Songz, Texas Chainsaw 3D marks his feature film debut. “My agent had been talking about the movie for awhile but I was so invested in my music. I was on tour and had an album to finish. He kept offering movies but I wanted to make sure I was ready and that I had time to work on it,” he confesses. “That happens often for musicians. You get so comfortable in your stardom in one place and you think that it will carry over (to films) whether you're a good actor or not”. Once the filmmakers lined up a fresh, young ensemble to bring the screenplay to life, the stars also aligned in Songz’ busy schedule and he excitedly joined the cast. “When John Luessenhop (the director) approached me about the film, he was very convincing. But I also happened to have 4 weeks of vacation time that coincided with when they were shooting,” he laughs. “It’s such an iconic franchise and I’m happy I got to be a part of it”. Adds co-star Tania Raymonde, “Trey’s like a superstar, a musical sex god. We were shooting in this little town in Louisiana and we'd get out of the hotel and there would be these throngs of screaming fans. He's very generous and the sweetest guy”.

Balancing the franchises’ past with its potential future, Daddario is optimistic that the movie will satisfy both its cult fan base and the novice horror fan looking for a good time. “It's different than what people will expect. The versions that were released in the 2000s were great, but this is completely different story and identity of Leatherface”.

Texas Chainsaw 3D will be unleashed in theaters this Friday, January 4th!