John Krasinski & Rosemarie DeWitt Talk Getting Sassy With Matt Damon and Bromance in 'Promised Land'

“Whenever one of your peers or other actors puts on a different hat and tells you they write, you kind of …” pauses a suspicious Rosemarie DeWitt at the press day for her latest film co-written and starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski. Promised Land marks the second time DeWitt and Krasinski will have shared the big screen this year, as they played a married couple in the indie pic Nobody Walks. “I didn’t even know he was writing this script. But when I read it, I thought it was beautiful,” she confesses.

DeWitt plays Alice, the romantic foil for Matt Damon’s corporate gas salesman Steve, who confidently rolls into town looking to get rural farmers to sign over their land for natural gas drilling. Things get more than a little complicated when a charming environmentalist (Krasinski) enters the picture and tries to convince the locals, especially Alice, against it.

Directed by acclaimed director Gus Van Sant, Promised Land also closes out DeWitt’s busy year in which she’s appeared in 5 movies (most notably an inspired turn in Your Sister’s Sister co-starring Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt). “This one was kind of a no brainer. I have admired Gus for so long and sometimes you just want to get in the sandbox with all of these juicy talents,” she laughs. “It was fun to just be sassy with Matt Damon. That’s a good job to have everyday”.

“I think she did probably one of the hardest jobs I’ve seen in movies. She played the love interest without having that moment where you culminate the love,” explains Krasinski. “That's incredibly hard to do because in my opinion that’s real relationships. Instead we had this girl who was interested but not throwing herself and was incredibly intelligent and cunning about it. So to play the anti-romance in a romance thing takes a special person like Rose. She's the only one that could've done it”.

For Krasinski, the movie became an unforgettable experience as both a writer and an actor for one very special reason. “Let’s be honest, this is the guy who wrote Good Will Hunting. Being a Boston boy, that is surreal. I think every guy from Boston has a Good Will Hunting movie poster tattooed somewhere on them, so I tried to play it cool that Gus and Matt were both working on this movie with me”. Thanks to their friendship that blossomed when Damon was filming The Adjustment Bureau (starring you guessed it, Emily Blunt), the duo found their writing groove fairly easily.

Says the actor best recognized for his work on NBC's The Office, "When I brought this idea of American identity to Matt, he locked onto it really quickly because he'd been thinking about too. We worked very well together and have very similar sensibilities. I think we have an innately positive outlook on life and our idea of where we wanted this movie to go was always similar. Then you bring someone like Gus on, and you multiply it by a thousand. That guy is so dedicated to setting a tone, getting a look and creating a believable experience for (the audience) that we were so proud of having him on board."

When asked about fellow Bostonian and Damon BFF Ben Affleck, Krasinski jokes that there's enough love and writing to go around.

"No, Ben's doing just fine," jokes Krasinski. "But if that's a bromance, I'm the mistress".

Promised Land opens on Friday, January 4th.