Les Miserables Featurette Shows Off Some Impromptu Hugh Jackman Singing

Les Miserables is in many ways a very traditional, big Hollywood CHristmas movie, an adaptation of a massively popular musical, from the director of recent Oscar winner The King's Speech, and featuring a ton of movie stars. But it's also a daring, almost experimental effort, asking the actors to both perform and sing their songs live in front of the camera, adding an unpredictable element that, to be honest, may or may not turn out that well.

I hadn't really understood just how big a difference singing live would make until I saw this new featurette, which just debuted on the Regal Cinemas YouTube page. Featuring interviews with stars Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and more, plus some impromptu singing from Hugh Jackman, it's both informative and hugely entertaining.

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